necessary changes

A new Blank slated blog … what in the world would prompt this crazy change!?! It was so hard to make this change, I theoretically have done it once before and maybe just maybe there are a few of you readers who remember when our name changed and a new blog was created, but that change was far easier then this one! I worried then about the same things I worry about now, will people follow and how will this negatively affect business, but in the end I make decisions in the name of positivity for studio stems and so here we are getting off blogger.

This change was initially prompted by a visit to the city of my heart where I attended and assisted a nancy liu chin design workshop & received a priceless education in many things including some ins n outs of blogging, that i did not previously know or understand. It was there that i set many goals for my little floral design studio & i prioritized them. changes have occurred behind the scenes for the last 6 months … but i guess this one is in front of the scenes, it took a long time coming but here it is.

So are you wondering why & what i learned? When i came to this little goal on my list i did even more research beyond what i learned in SF and even a little business pow wow here & there. So naturally if i was reading this i would want to know what kind of things motivated the change & so ill make that assumption … i wouldnt want to bore you with a poorly written explanation that makes little sense so read some other well written blog articles addressing blog issues here & here to learn a little of what i have learned and research the reasons why this change occurred.

I KNOW {ie hope} that you will bookmark our new blog & view it more then ever before, I hope that all my supportive peeps out there will change their blog links to the correct one very soon! You can always access the old blog on the sidebar to the <———-

& thus necessary changes …