Month: May, 2010

Inventory sale

Flower peeps i am pretty seriously considering getting rid of a bunch of my hard good inventory and doing a studio clean out. Hard thing to do and to figure what to let go of and what not to. I would feel so much better if it went to other florists who can get good use out of it and make some money off it. Wondering what your interest level is? and if you would prefer an online sale with pics of inventory or a yard sale inventory sale in provo?


sneak peak

this is of course my photography & editing, the lighting is BRIGHT … nothing compared to what is likely to come from the fab pepper nix! but in the meantime a little teaser on this gorgeous bouquet. even i wasnt sure of its outcome to be honest, its written description doesnt elude to its inevitable beauty. hot lady roses, purple & hot pink calla lilies, & purple vanda orchids accented in gold wire.

guest post on UTBNG

Yellow really seems to be one of the floral colors of 2010. Every month Tessa @ Utah Bride & groom mag & bridal buzz blog trades us at UBB a post. Its delightful and a good way to connect the industry. Today i was the writer of said post and i decided that i would write on yellow floral choices. getting down to the basics of floral education. check it out here …

I also just want to thank Tessa for her involvement in my life & work, for her support and expertise, input and advise and most of all for endless opportunities!

shoot bouquets & OOO

This bouquet was so fantastic and fun. CJ really let me kind of go with this idea, organically current & witty. Succulents & billy balls create her color palette of gray and yellow tones, the aqua wrap thrown in for a little punch.

Courtnie hearts ranucs.

I hope to see more from these two particular shoots and share them with you in the future. they both had great photogs.

O.O.O. i will be out of the office from today may 20 until monday may 24th. at which time all messages of all types will be returned. have a great weekend.


emily bitten & groom: flower version of them! classic!

the miracle of a bloom

I have to admit that one of the perks of my career is that often times there are flowers in the studio and therefor about the house. More often then not i am too exhausted and burnt out at the end of an event to do much with them. {the girls usually have some energy for it though and i think they consider it a perk too!} but when a fav is left over i cant help but enjoy it.

ranucs are a miraculous marvel to me. so intricate and planned. the flowers that get more and more beautiful as they open just have me wrapped around their stem. just before these died they were so amazing i couldnt help but just take a few shots of my kitchen table marvel.

last sunday was mothers day and my cute son gave me a card from school that had a list of fill in the blank questions. for example if my mom were an animal she would be …………. because …………………

“if my mom were a flower she would be a tulip because she is beautiful”

sweet i know … but those end stage flowers are what i most spiritually connect to. the beauty intensifies and i hope that i can parallel my life that way. just a personal note ….


salt lake hardware building {riehl event} april 22.2010

on april 22nd we did the florals for a riehl event at the salt lake hardware building downtown. and it was SPECTACUlar! We all know that i am no photographer but i couldnt wait to share. my guess is we will end up revisiting this on some kind of a more professionally captured level but for now i hope you can catch the jist of this event and its ambiance.

details … cakes by barini made the cake {fantastic job as always} we freelances some large end stage then manipulated tulips to create a simple large bloom impact. we used a few ranucs too.

alpine event rentals provided all the custom made tables, chairs etc.

riehl events coordinated, designed, and pulled it all together …

centerpieces were trough like style rectangular glass vases placed down looooong tables. a few trios of simple monochromatic arrangements in varying styles and shapes of glass vases adorned a few cocktail tables here and there. then there was the fantastic bridal party flowers.

flowers used: red/orange: roses, tulips, orchids, ranucs, pincushions,  anemone, & dahlias.

all accented in blue.