Month: June, 2010


today is that day … the day once a month that ubb trades UTBNG a post. and today you can find yet another of my color editions on UTBNG in dreamy orange. please visit there right now!

its hard to come home you know … newport was fantastic! cant wait to catch you all up on all our amazing events, some of my fav’s and recent adventures, but its so busy time hardly allows. slow but sure, and unfortunately i am headed back out of office next week too … just a small heads up!


OOO again! lindsey maynes & her peacock feather themed wedding flowers

I know i know where could i be off to now i just got back in office right? am i ever in studio? yes i am in fact i have been hard at work at the most sumptuous black, white, yellow, & grey wedding studio stems has yet done  but  just as the sun sets on the set up of that sumptuous wedding i will be packing and pulling out to head off to Newport beach california to do Julia & aarons wedding flowers.  so again i will be OOO from june 23rd (now) through the 28th when all messages, comments, emails and other technological communications will be returned.

In the meantime please enjoy some visual studio stems art from lindsey maynes wedding back in may. I neglected yet once again to take my farten camera on site … so all i have is a few shots in studio. I also cant wait to share more with you about the fantastic workshop/wedding just completed in santa fe so stay tuned!

the bridal bouquet was peacock feather themed {as was her event} and even the wrap had a gem detail the mimics the rainbow like pattern and colors of the eye of this trendy feather. her colors: several shades of purple, wine, green, black, and of course turquoise. the bouquet was made out of cymb orchids as well as vandas as the primary focus, some callas, sweat peas, & lisianthus filled in the cracks. a serious burst of profound color.

bouts were pixie carns, feathers and wire accents

bridesmaid bouquets were fan like and unique. a fan spray of P feathers was the focus with a strong bold bunch of color at the base and a wrap just as profound in color. like most bridesmaids bouquets these days they also doubled as centerpieces at the reception.

the centerpieces were seriously the most fantastic part of this event, gorgeous they were. so i hope to post again on this wedding someday … those hopes stem from yet this lesson learned again! always take the camera and if you dont pray the photog is nice.

O.O.O 6.17.10 – 6.21.10

This bouquet proves that bride’s have a type … at least some of them do. This bride came to me with an idea in her head about an ideal bouquet, one of my previous clients bouquets. Interestingly enough she also picked the same venue without any for knowledge of the coincidence. So this proves there is a type, or style, or something that often times ends is something of a similar nature being created. And as my two clients might say … great minds think a like!

this bouquet was a black, white, and green focus with our signature black callas, monkey tail and stephanotis with black pearl centers. green and white hydrangea, white roses, and a little ruscus. thanks janessa for allowing me the priviledge of being part of your big day!

SO i am headed to ….

la posoda sante fe new mexico

I will be there teaching a real wedding workshop to …

I am excited & delighted. I will therefor be out of the office and away from email/phone ability june 17 – june 21. i will have limited access so if its an emergency email me, text me, or call me. but only if its necessary.

amy yu purple . gold . pink . green asian/american inspired

this is amy … amy is married! Amy was very organized and she knew what she wanted, always makes for a great bride. He colors were hot pink, dark plum hot purple, green, with some gold accents. We created something delightful together.

for bridal party we did bouts out of callas in both hot pink and purple as well as a few carns (hopefully more pics to come in the future from pepper nix!) all the bridesmaid bouquets were hot pink carnations and doubled up in ti leaf vases at the reception. the corsages were all orchid/calla combos.

the centerpieces were simple and orchid focused. we did a variety to break up the room and provide visual ambiance. the ti leaf vases were for bridesmaids bouquets and this other centerpiece was a tall V glass vase wrapped in gold wire with simple phal orchid stems.

the buffet piece was maximized by great lighting (design elite) it was a black box lined with purple carnations and a series of tubing and phal orchid stems. simple yet fantastic focal piece.

this centerpiece was a submerged edition of what we had been doing. phal orchids are so elegant and stand on their own so well. all tables were accommodated with votives from studio stems.

the tall chinese lantern/bamboo structures were provided by design elite, we touched them up with some cymbidiums.

all in all gorgeous event held at sleepy ridge. thanks amy & lloyd! congrats!


so the studio has been cleaned. there are finally some nooks and crannies anticipating something new! and then there is a pile of that which must go. i plan to have a sale in a few weeks {if there is anything left} in the meantime if you would like to stop by and take a gander at the goods please email me @

there are bowls, square vases, cylindar vases, various vases, rocks and gems of various colors, silk flowers, unique rustic containers, ribbon, sashes, runners and odds & ends!

more eloquent than i

There are many inner business and floral industry blogs that feed my soul. Most of which i find to be beneficial to me but not necessarily directly to my client. I came across this post on NLC wedding floral academy blog, she came across this post on Sasha Souza’s blog. I pretty sincerely sentiment these thoughts, and feel that there are some things that some clients dont quiet understand & because sasha is far more eloquent then I … i will let her words do the talking.

There’s one thing that I definitely know in life and that is you can always buy something cheaper – telephone service, flights, cars, office supplies, SEO optimization, wedding gowns, pharmaceuticals, wedding flowers, catering….wedding & event planners.  You name it and I’ll betcha there’s somebody out there that can give it to you cheaper…  I think that the question that people miss is:  But Will It Be What I Want?
Let me give you a scenario that happened to me last year.  I sent out a floral & decor proposal for an event that wasn’t huge and over the top.  It was for a nice party and right in line with the type of events we do.  Prior to sending it out, I had gone through and made a few things optional for the client so that they could add in some of the “nice to haves”.  Exactly what I told them I would do when they hired me.
Then, the phone rings….it’s the Mother of the Bride.  We’ll call her Carol.
Carol:  “Sasha…in this economy how can you, in good conscience, send me a floral proposal THIS high?”
Please know that I had been through the proposal backwards & forwards and it met all of the required components that the bride simply HAD to have.
ME:  “Thanks for your call, Carol, I sent it because I believe it fits the desires of Melanie (name of bride has been changed) and I did shave a lot off to try to meet your budget”
Carol:  “But Sasha, how in the world do you expect us to pay for this?  We have decided we don’t want to spend more than X”  {this would have been nice to know at the beginning, by the way}
ME:  “Please let me know what you would like to cut and we are happy to  make any changes you like.  We can switch from long tables to rounds & squares, change the design of the flowers…”{basically, I gave her 15 options to make changes}
Carol:  “But Sasha, Melanie wants all that and we expect that in this economy people are hungry for business and would be willing to make a little less profit for the job”
{quizzical look which garners the side note that in this economy, business owners are more likely going to want a higher profit from each job, not lower to compensate for fewer jobs overall – thereby providing the contracted & paid for services ONLY and not over and above the contracted services}

ME: “Carol, I’m not sure that’s the case, but let me just say that I’ve found out something in life and in business…you can always get something cheaper but it will not be the wedding your daughter wants, it will only be the price you like.” {if you use this in your business, feel free to say “well, Sasha Souza says…”}
Why have I told you this story? Because it’s true and the statement that I made at the end is an important one when educating couples and ourselves on weddings and what we get for our money. It’s easy to say you want a centerpiece to be smaller or “not over the top” or “simple”.  Let me give you a visual example.  We have seen this image from the legendary Preston Bailey in our office many, many times.  It’s gorgeous with hundreds of flowers in it and I’m sure the image does not do it justice to how grand it is in person:
Can every bride afford it?  No.  But those that value it will seek it & Preston out to design for them and will be thrilled with the results.  Here is how we used his inspiration for a bride who loved the look but couldn’t pay the price tag for the flowers:

Could the bride have gotten even this arrangement cheaper?  Yes!  Absolutely but the structure of the piece, the height, the design would have been vastly different.  More like this:

While still pretty, it doesn’t emanate the same feeling – BUT it IS CHEAPER!  So, if it’s cheaper that they are looking for then this would work out perfectly but the expectation can’t be for the gorgeous images above.
Another example…Is the peony any cheaper because of the economy?  No.  So, we offer alternatives and often we substitute with garden roses.  Is it the same?  No.  It’s just cheaper and different.  Some brides are OK with that and others REALLY want the peony and are not going to compromise for anything less.  The decision is only theirs to make.
Carol did go on to pay the bill for the flowers when she  understood that what she would get by going elsewhere wasn’t what Melanie would have wanted.  We were very willing to make changes to the event to get them closer to their described estimated expenditure but they were unwilling to make any changes whatsoever and simply wanted it to be cheaper.  period.  just. cheaper.
That isn’t how this works, people.  If you go to the gas station to fill up your car, you make a decision on the name brand station that you go to, how much you want to pay per gallon & the octane level of the gas you want.

You can go down the street to the gas station without all the special additives.  Will your car run the same?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  My car happens to like Chevron Techron 89 Octane or better.  I put anything less in it and I’m bummed by the lack of power and performance that I get in my car.  I can’t go into the clerk and ask them if instead of $2.99 per gallon I can pay $1.49 per gallon and expect the exact same quality & product.  If you want me to shave $100 off an arrangement, you’re going to lose $100 worth of flowers & design time.
So, when you’re visiting with your vendors and you ask them to reduce their price please be sure that you are getting the same exact thing – because if you’re trying to compare apples to apples and one person says they can do that Preston arrangement for hundreds less than the other person – chances are  you’ll be left with arrangement #3 on your 72″ round seating 12.
thanks sasha!

yellow is not running through my veins though it seems it would be

Yellow seems to accompany most floral things i do these days … but there are some other colors mixed in my studio life i swear. this was amanda’s modern bridal sitting bouquet.

so much blogging to catch up on and show you … so little time … its wedding season!

have a great weekend!

what i got … what do you want?

so not many of you commented on my inventory sale inquiry … so i have decided to clean it out slow but sure and for now this is what i have thats available …

top row: tropical silk flower cluster $10 – silk tree blossoms (have even more then shown) $10 for all of it. – fall berry sprays – $5 – tall silver fluted vases $10 each i have about 8 of them. – cute iron stand with cone iron cage and glass vase, unopened never used! $10 – another cluster of various silks $5 – 2 dark wood tall floor standing candle sticks $10 each – candle decor vase unused new $5 and i have tons of vase in vases like seen in this mad hatter marshmellow arrangement perfect for filling arrangements with candy or other elements where you want to incorporate flowers as well. these are $3 each. most new and not used.

email me @ if your interested to schedule pick up.