Month: July, 2010

mountain mama

I have so many weddings & bouquets and floral such to blog but I was taken away by my experience this last weekend & wanted to share.

In the thick of wedding season, its really hard to NOT get burned out. I usually devote all my creative energy to my clients during this season, rather then projects around the house or things that are just for me per say. Often times a few extra stems from weddings dont make it to the kitchen table or to a friend, because all the energy is expended at the end of the long flower day. The last two weekends in a row I have had off, previous to that it had been about 10 weeks since a weekend was available to me for things entirely not related to business. {this is not to say i havent worked in 2 weeks, cause i have had a few mid week events } so this last weekend the kids, the hub & i got away to our lovely bus cabin in woodland, UT.

This weekend was not special in its floral feelings, but in its actions. More often then not while i am there i notice the natural growth around me and sort of have a pine to do something with it. The yearning varies on so many levels, based on how distracted and of course burnt i am. Though my girls pick wildflowers on a regular basis i rarely do. I usually try to force myself to do otherwise and experience something else in nature aside from the usual. This time i allowed myself the luxury of a long “weewee” (4 wheeler) ride with my girls to collect the most personally appealing & organic stems. I had no supplies, not even scissors on the ride, just a twisty tie. and this is what i created.

It taught me a few things about who my floral self is and also about me on so many levels, a spiritual experience if you will. so this is my Mt. mama bouquet. just for me. a little walk down the dirt aisle and reminder of how in love with mr. obrien i am! and how precious such experiences are.

PS – not even a camera in my presence … taken with my trusty cracked still working iphone! an old model at that!


nicole @ mccune mansion in june

McCune was such a fitting location for the mood of nicole’s event, a ‘finer things’ vintage style gathering.  I was so impressed with how accommodating McCune was and the ease of their indoor/outdoor location! Her colors were navy, green, white, and a few soft pinks. We did a lot for nicole, much of it is not pictured (too busy on site and i am not a good enough photog to capture the 30 + indoor centerpieces that included over 100 pieces of vintage glass, cross your fingers that her photog did!) Her ceremony was outside in the rain … well kind of … after hours of rain it let up just in the nick of time! We adorned the aisle with shepherd hooks from (alpine event rentals) and blue paper cones filled with small floral clutches as well as petals lining the sides of the aisle. The ceremony area housed our iron metal stands with large arrangements in glass V vases for a focal point. After the ceremony more rose petals were thrown at the couple as they walked back down the aisle together!

The bouquet is one of my favorites of the season. Not too white but still very traditional. Nicole loves phal orchids and so those were the focus of this beut. it also included airbrushed mini callas, parrot tulips, sweat peas, lisinathus, peonies, and a little touch of heather. wrapped in navy swiss satin.

the flower girl bouquet was a smaller version of nicoles sitting bouqet, mono botanical heather.

Inventory reduction

A few more items that studio stems is getting rid of … please email me to set up a time to come look or purchase.

12 – large 12″ glass bubble bowls in great condition. $3 each or $10 for a box of 4 or $30 for the whole lot.

2 hanging cone rustic baskets $3 for lg $2 for sm

2 sets of 3 varying sized (so 6) rustic buckets. these are darling! $7 for each set

4 classic fat glass cylinder vases $2 each

4 wood jamali garden trays $2 each

vase rocks – clear ($2), diamond style clear $7), diamond style green ($3) diamond style pink ($5) these are in zip lock bags and are prices for the whole large bag.

17 med glass rectangular vases $2 each or $25 for them all

other misc … guinea feather packages, other feathers, ribbon, silk flower blooms, slightly cracked vases, tin containers, and a few other misc things free – $1

cj turns alice @ la caille

CJ – wanted things simple. and in the colors of  blue.grey.yellow & white. She wanted an alice in wonderland type feel and though she started out with another venue she ended up @ la caille. Though i do several weddings a year at la caille i have never felt the theme so well suited with any other bride.

the bouquet: succulents, drumsticks, spray roses, ranucs, and small aqua accents throughout the flowers. Wrapped in aqua with a twine overlay and emerging aqua tie and very alice feeling brooch.

flower girl: yellow button pomander with grey ribbon and aqua dangle

the centerpieces were so simple but so delightful. I searched high and low and in all the knooks and crannies of my fav consignment shops to find just enough of the perfect vintage tea cups to stack a small set of 3 on a vintage plate on each table. (these are property of studio stems and available for rent) we adorned the tea cups with simple large bloom flowers like hydrangea, peony, dahlia, and garden roses. Alice in wonderland characters and carefully crafted table numbers accompanied la caille’s classic table settings.

but my most fav thing of all (which hardly is done justice by this picture … so i hope that the fantastic mr mcgrew will help me out on this one) is the …..

custom made vintage tea cup candelabra … made by non other then yours truly. I wont say how i made this delectable piece (that is also available for rent along with its twin) but it really set the stage for the alice feel. Cj was gorgeous and so was her june la caille wedding.

black white & red the color scheme that spans era’s

Ben & Laurie were fantastic clients, super delightful personalities for the amount of stress they were under. I actually wrote about them in an article featured on UBB’s flower friday. You can read it here … some of you may be wondering which wedding that was anyhow. That all being said i adored ben & Laurie i just wished that their experience had not been so fraught with tragedy and chaos, and that they could have heard the voice of an expert through their chaos, i believe their decisions would have resulted in less problems. Either way thanks ben & Laurie for trusting me to take care of things within the perimeters of the situation.

date: 6.4.10

colors: classic black, white, & red

location: sandy dandy utah back yard

bouquet was a rare beadimir style, not many brides want a layered look but laurie did, so this was a fun change for me. it includes our signature black callas of course. bouts were white mini Callas and or small red pixie carns with some accents of course. centerpieces …. well if you read the article then you know what happened with centerpieces. but the flowers used in the taller ones were black curly willow, ruscus, white regular sized mini callas and two tones of red roses. the centerpieces meant for the buffet were glass cubes of red roses at lip level and packed in vase, they are what saved the situation by replacing broken centerpieces. each centerpiece had red roses near by with a collection of votives.

Once again i must say that i will be OOO july 5th – 12th. i am getting a little sick of it myself so i can imagine you are wondering who manages this ridonculous schedule. i will have NO internet access and NO cell phone access, wont have it even if i want it. so all messages of all varieties will be returned beginning monday the 12th.


Heather is one of those flowers that has a specific feel to it, its very profound.  This was a bridal sitting bouquet for one of our june brides this year. {more on her wedding to come}. it felt so natural, simple & complex, subtle & colorful. delightful.