Month: August, 2010

Courtney & Brian

A few amazing images courtesy of {Jacque lynn photography} of Courtney & Brian’s summer wedding @ heritage gardens.  I am so grateful for clients like courtney that make me laugh so hard i cry and just make my craft rewarding, who are pleasant and easy to work with!

Flowers used: dahlias . lily grass . cymb orchids . tulips . carnations . mums . fujis . lisianthus . scabiosa . bells of ireland . crown aster


guest post on UTBNG

Every month Megan & I @ UBB exchange a guest blog post w/tessa @ UTBNG its a fun thing to do and also just shows what great partnerships exist here in the industry. I wrote this months post on PINK flowers. check it out here.

the value of education {wedsmith}

WedSmith is fast approaching and some of you may not know about it. I am a huge advocate of industry education so i’ll put a little fire behind this. There are so few educational opportunities for those of us playing in this field, a chance to learn and grow and see a perspective other then our own, and i believe that education is necessary to be a genuine competitor, its a continuing investment that can only do a biz good. Though there are indeed a few educational opps … rarely are they local, thanks to some local brilliance there is a local opp and its affordable and its soon! so head on over to the WedSmith site and take a looky!

oh and PS if your an out of state or area flower friend shoot me an email i would be happy to put you up for the night, in my humble abode that is!

revisit to a bold peacock inspired wedding

earlier this year i posted about this bold and colorful wedding, but its always nice to revisit when pro pics come in. all these images are courtesy of the brides brother from florida.

lindsey & jonny … the happy couple the vibrant bouquet

i wasnt able to capture any decor because once again i neglected to take the camera. so i was thrilled to receive at least a few images of the amazing centerpieces. we used silver candlesticks and candelabras as the vessels for the bold arrangements.

enjoy! audrey

small thank you …. loooong way!

This along with a thank you email came to me today. Really this makes it all worth it! it really does. Its so nice to be appreciated, and these flowers were stunning! so was this wedding! Thank you ashley!

a bouquet …

a little bouquet from the 2010 season … more to come!

going back a year ….

I cant always predict what bouquets, or designs will become a signature, but this fall wedding from last year became just that, it caught on & thanks to the many who have complimented this particular event, leading me to this conclusion, i wouldn’t just think that on my own … of course! Though i have about 9 summer weddings to blog fall is on my mind as the fall brides are the ones whose designs are in progress at the moment. and after all those are the brides planning, so a little inspiration for you readers planning fall weddings in the form of a little time warp to a year ago.

photography: Vanessa Millecam photography