Month: October, 2010


Aesthetically amazing ans-amble from once wed, i dont know that its meant to be spooky but it makes me want to spook this weekend & inspires my darker side! Happy haunting!


Haley’s bright summer bouquet

If you haven’t figured it out by now .. i am just blogging in order of our weddings and i am a bit behind we are just now getting to July! Haley’s wedding was next! Haley is young and beautiful, and i still can hardly believe she is married! She used to be my kids babysitter! But i am delighted she is so happy! She wanted multi-texture, multi-color, fun, bright, and summer-y and that’s what she got! We used callas, crespedia, roses, dahlias, buttons, cockscomb, gerb daisies, monkey tail, eucalyptus, and lily grass. Her bouts were all a focus of one of her colors, so a few of my fav’s!

Julia & Aaron part II {newport.california}

Need i say more? This soft casual yet romantic celebration took place in newport beach california.  The flowers were creamy, yellow, ivory and the accents were a soft blue. It felt as blissful as it looked! and it was delightful to celebrate with this gorgeous couple!

Images courtesy of: tiny bird photography!

Wrap it up on UBB

{image courtesy of Wedding bee}

So many of my blog readers in Utah also read Utah Bride Blog & further more if this fantastic & inspiring blog is not already on your blog roll, google reader or some other subscription you should seriously consider taking a look into that! I am biased, as many of you know, and some of you dont, i am co-owner of this blog with one of my closest friends Megan Bailey @ pink piggy design.

Though i most commonly write and post every flower friday on UBB i usually dont promote it here on this blog. But i just felt like creating a little more in the know today.

Todays post was on bridal bouquet wraps or handles. The above picture expresses the simple sentimentality that accompanies this bouquet detail! a picture says a thousand words right? Head on over to todays post to see some more wraps!

Julia & Aaron part I {the open house}

Remember market visit? well this is what that was allll about!

meet Julia & Aaron, sincerely one of THE most simply gorgeous couples i have ever! i am biased, but i say this with sincerity. Julia is one of my assistant designers, she knows the ins {n} outs of studio stems {and my personal life}, a sister in my craft and my life! And as you know we visited market with only a few perimeters to work within and then we started off this June celebration in Yorba Linda california at her parents home for a backyard garden reception prior to their yacht wedding!

Julia’s bouquet was very special to me! There was a lot of pressure on my shoulders, self placed as it was. I wanted her bouquet to be astounding, i wanted it to be her, but also studio stems. I wanted it to be, reflect, and symbolize so many things. there was such a strong personal emotional attachment and expectation for it to be … well … stellar. I wondered and wondered and filled my little soul to almost capacity with anxiety …

and then … {i am going to be arrogant here} this amazing bouquet came together. It was like an extreme amount of crafty magic surging through and simplifying the process to make it look difficult. Is this what happens when they say, “he/she makes it look easy?” the wrap even was last minute brilliance that seemed to fit everything that i wanted perfectly! More bouquet pics to come on part II

could these boys be anymore darling? these little fellows are julia’s nephews! and they adorned drumstick bouts!

the centerpieces … simple and stunning groupings in various glass vessels.  The peonies were to die for on this whimsical evening!

and though i entirely had not a thing to do with the food … couldnt have been more darling! so i had to share!


All images courtesy of Tiny Bird Photography


this is the first of a series of posts i am so excited to share with you! So imagine this .. one of your closest design {and otherwise} friends is getting married. she wants you to do all her flowers, in newport cali on a yacht. she gives you a budget and a color scheme a long with some general ideas of mood and thats it … you get to run with it! and better then that you get to run with it at market! So back in june i took my trusty assistant to cali with me to do my the other trusty assistants wedding. I was excited to be on my old turff and to feel that feeling ….

that indescribable feeling that i have when i am at market, blissfully over stimulated & overwhelmed, happy & just a tad stressed in the chaos. all the colors of butterflies in my head and heart!

I have only ever been to market in San Fran & LA, both a little bit of home for me! I also fill up with another feeling while at market, jealousy and envy! I know i am sinning all over the place! I cant help but think the local to these market florists/designers take for granted this amazing resource and blessing! What i would give to have market near by … {ok well clearly i wouldnt give moving so …} anyhow it creates immense jealousy!

IF your a designer who DOES NOT live near a market, the trip is worth it!! so find a reason …

I know what your thinking, how twittered can i get? i am not usually one to behave in such ways. but both neens and i really admire marks garden. what florist doesnt? so we had to take a pic of their empty cart at mayesh. might be the closest ill ever get to any level of production there!

this is the bulk of what we got for julias wedding … i am excited to show you how this translates into a simple beach mood design.

and this is how crazy the car looked after we loaded it!

our comfortable & adequate cali workspace

And the two other studio stems team members who enjoyed this journey with me! {neens & my dad!}

stay tuned, the magic continues, all this fresh product turns into a gorgeous fresh wedding!

Alice on UTBNG

Today you will find our almost famous now alice themed wedding on Utah Bride & Groom! go here! I would like to thank the most talented and amazing Jason Mcgrew one more time! What amazing photography! Us vendors, we need each other to create fantastic work, one without the other doesnt do the other justice! and also Tessa at UTBNG for posting this! I know its a wedding after her own heart and she is biased but she has done a great deal for studio stems and tessa i heart you! As well as the client, without the client, this wedding of course would never have occurred. so thanks CJ!