Month: December, 2010

out with {2010} in with {2011}

Photography courtesy of Opie Foto

I thought a little sneak peek into one of my favorite weddings of 2010 would be a good way to send off the year! More to come from this wedding in the new year!

This time of year always brings a lot of reflection back as it does for most people. For me it brings reflection personally and professionally. On a professional level its pretty amazing to look back on the leaps, jumps, crashes, accomplishments, and journeys that studio stems has been blessed to experience. Its been a wild year to say the very least! Full of unexpected battles, unexpected experiences, lots of travel, and much of what we did actually have planned. We lived, we learned, and we journeyed and the company grew. growth …. ah a beautiful thing!

First and foremost I want to thank the girls that work for me, Jules & Neens, you truly are the best, I cant imagine doing all this without you! I hope you never leave me! You truly are a part of Studio Stems, its entire entity and being, a BIG part!

Next … Thank you Megan Bailey & Utah Bride Blog. For all the support, the love, the friendship, and industry elevation! Megan you and I make one incredible team, its been a blessed year!

Tessa with Utah Bride & Groom who has allowed me experiences beyond my dreams! And made publication a redeeming thing! Thank you for all you do for me and for Studio Stems.

The clients …. for providing me the opportunity to create, and be an artist, for choosing Studio Stems out of all the talent out there!

Rebecca M . Shalice N . Riehl . Emily B . Amy Y . Janessa B . Lyndsey M . Laurie T . CJ R . Nicole P . Courtnie C . Amanda J . Julia R . Hailey H . Kaitie H . Ashley B . Sydney H . Abby B . kelly S . Kelly C . Oldouz . Megan B . Alex A . Michelle W . Karl H . Jenna M . & Janel

As for the support the industry offers me, the list is endless … and almost exasperating,   So please do forgive me if i miss you …and in no particular order here peeps … but as for 2010 this is who has played a positive part in the Studio Stems experience.

Alta Moda . LMG . Riehl . Sugar Kisses . Pink Peaches . Enizio . Pepper Nix . Zuma Photo . Roze Photography . Pink Piggy . Opie . Ashlee Raubach . Rebekah Westover . Autumn Buys . Blossom Sweet . Whimsy floral . Alpine Event . Nancy Lu Chin . Sean Low . Carries Cakes . Jason Mcgrew . Tansy Floral . Little Bird Photography . Jacque Lynn . UTB&G mag . Get Married Mag . Southern Weddings . Style Me Pretty . Lily & Iris …. and likely a few more!

There are so many of you out there I am dying to work with and admire a great deal, I hope 2011 brings a little of that!

I also want to shout out to two amazing suppliers that have kept me happy …. Esprit . Red Mt. and thank you so cal floral market!

So I send you off for the weekend for fun and play and a HAPPY NEW 2011. I am so grateful for ….. YOU!



Merrry Christmas {a holiday shoot}

Not so long ago we did a few little purple holiday creations for an LMG events winter photo shoot. Turns out its been highly publicized {Merry Christmas to Studio Stems ….} Mara w/LMG talked about the shoot, its design, and concepts on KUTV which you can view here & here. Yesterday Southern Weddings published it, and a little bird tells me that Utah Bride Blog will be publishing it later today. and all this is in no way meant to downplay the publication of this amazing shoot on all the blogs of the talented vendors involved.

Photography: Chudleigh
Dress: Alta Moda Bridal Atelier Aimee
All Paper good design: Pink Piggy Design
Makeup/Hair: Enizio
Cake artistry: Pink Peach Cakes
Venue: Wadley Farms
Floral Design: STUDIO STEMS of course!

Aesthetically its a little off the beaten Holiday wedding path, resulting in refreshing inspiration! The color scheme is warmed up with the gold accent yet has some coolness in the purple and compliments well with all things winter. I am so grateful and blessed to associate with such amazing vendors and to have opportunities such as these! Thank you LMG Events & Chudleigh for the opp! Much appreciated!

Merry Christmas to all my blog readers, studio followers, industry friends & associates, clients, friends, and family. May this weekend be MERRY & BRIGHT!

Janel’s lovely shoot bouquet

Rebekah Westover was so generous to send a few amazing images of Janel’s lovely shoot bouquet from earlier this fall. Janel’s wedding will take place on new years eve @ the cozy Stein Erickson lodge, and I can hardly wait to get back to the floral table next week after a short break. Her wedding colors are actually a gray, silver, cream, and pink. But for her shoot bouquet she wanted to implement a little color, one of her favorites! Purple!

Photography: Rebekah Westover

Christmas bouquets

I was feeling a little nostalgic this week as I prepared today’s floral Friday for UBB. I started thinking back {far back} about all the Christmas time weddings I have been blessed to have done.  Its fun to take a look back every now and then! So I thought I would take you back {not way back but a few years back} to catch just

a glimpse of what usually comes out of the studio this time of year.

Christmas 2006 Courtney Carter got married at Riverside Country Club. I remember Courtney clearly as if she got married just last Christmas. She had a fast car and belonged to a family that owned my husbands favorite bow shop! Photography: Darla Roze Photography

Christmas 2007 Nadia Gavarett got married at the Historic Southworth Hall.

My fav xmas bouquet to date. Maybe the story too. Sara married her military man in the Salt Lake LDS Temple. I actually wrapped her bouquet in navy to match her beau which was sentimental, we also over layed it with her grandmothers hankie. What made these two special? Their struggle to find each other, stay together, create a wedding on little to no budget. A true love story when all that mattered was just being together. I only did Sara’s bouquet, it was all the flowers she could afford. Photography courtesy of Opie Foto.

2009 brought Liz & Brigham wedding at the homestead resort in Midway, UT.  Photography: Rebekah Westover

This brings us to 2010. This bouquet is for Jenna, the sister of a past bride of mine. Her wedding will take place on the 28th just a few days after Christmas and during a holiday week that should be filled with celebration. Her bridal sitting bouquet will mimic closely her wedding day bouquet.

I am so grateful for the past, present, & future. For the clients, for the vendors in my life over the many years in business.

Enjoy the holiday season!


when white tradition meets a brides favorite lilies

one of our 2010 fall bouquets. tradition & lilies.

I have to think this stuff up you know

A while back i had the blessed opportunity to create a bouquet for a local mag shoot. These type of things really allow me to do whatever i want to as a designer. With no perimeters, the options are endless. Sometimes i plan things out and order, really truthfully design ahead of time. Sometimes i go to my suppliers and gather what is appealing to me that particular day and then freelance create a little somethin, and that is just what i did for this particular bouquet.

what appealed to me? some euc, a large artichoke, millet, saracena, kochia, scabiosa, thistle, & some privett. organic to the root.

On a get to know the designer moment … one of my ALL time favorite movies ever is Gray Gardens, love the HBO movie with drew barrymore, the acting is simply the best she has ever done! but more then that i heart the original documentary by the maysles. Little eddie just speaks to my heart, and cracks me up with laughter! One of my favorite scenes in the documentary ends with her saying “i have to think this stuff up you know!” a common phrase that has carried into my personal life, and my design life. I do have to think this stuff up you know ….

my non perishable ubb post today

After i finished up todays UBB post i just couldnt help but share here on the studio blog. The talent out there to sculpt is so immensely incredible. It really humbles me and reminds me of how Minuit my talent really is. though i am grateful for what skills i do have!

This origami bouquet from Hill city Bride is just stunning! The color is so profound and the art so delicate!

Whether paper works on etsy … ART!

Check out today’s post on UBB to view some other amazing creations out of ribbon, fabric, brooches, buttons, paper & more!


pink garden rose wedding

Late summer brought this simple pink w/gray accented wedding at thanksgiving point.  We did primarily garden roses for the bride, and did floating simple centerpieces in varied glass vases with votive vases & candles surrounding. Each chair had a gray sash coupled with a single carnation bloom inserted in the knot of the sash.

Thanks Kaiti, it was so fun to work with you!