Month: February, 2011

March and its lions

March is soon upon us {tomorrow} and i cant help but anticipate the warmer weather that begins to come as March fades out. I hope as many of us do that the lion turns to a lamb quickly. March is not A wedding month per say but I thought you might find it interesting to know that of the estimated 2.3 million weddings in the US this year about 6% will occur in March {source}. So some of you have picked this windy and erratic time of year to say I DO. Including one Studio Stems bride. And whats even more interesting in way of facts is that for the last few years several of my March bride’s have all had the same color scheme!¬† Whites, creams, and or ivories accompanied by black, green, and gold.

Picture of the month …

From Erika’s March JSMB wedding 2 years ago! Happy Anniversary. Image courtesy of Blush


I heart revisits {nicole or is jane @ mccune}

I recently got professional images from the sweet and darling Lyndsey Fagerlund from our summer 2010 wedding @ McCune Mansion. I cant resist of revisit, especially if my images hardly did the wedding justice! I dare say that Nicole really pulled off her dream “Jane Austen” inspired wedding. Complex but simple and super elegant in a nostalgic tone. Colors: navy, pale pink, ivory, and green. You cant quiet tell but it was down pouring¬† just prior and immediately after this ceremony! The short and sweet of it included a lot of petals accompanied by two large alter arrangements and lots of hooks and flower paper cones to adorn the rest! I love that on Nicole’s graceful move into the mansion she so sweetly thanks the guitar player, so why i loved this girl! so genuine! Enjoy!

Makeup and Hair: Enizio


This is actually a Vday card. But I find it so floral inspiring. Its still traditional with the use of roses but it veers off a little in color, yet has just enough of those feminine colors to be Vday relevant, and then of course the shape! Vday is fast approaching, and though its an infamous floral holiday Studio Stems doesnt usually participate in the chaos that it brings, and this year is no exception, we will be taking only a few select private orders. Happy love week! Enjoy!

a peacock feather affair

A few months back, just before the holidays arrived on the weekend that THE “storm of the century” was said to hit, A lovely peacock themed wedding occurred. And I was the florist …. The wedding colors, green like the grass, primary blue, gray, and turquoise, with a few white flowers thrown in for good measure. What we used to create this look, hulk hydrangea, lisianthus, lily grass, ruscus, delphiniums, lemon leaf, euc, and some non organic secret products! can you tell? I cant …. Enjoy!

traditional but vintage english garden rose bouquet

Alex wanted a bouquet that felt somewhat traditional, with a little throwback to a more vintage or garden feel. We created this classic beauty for her bridal sitting.

Photography: rebekah westover