Month: March, 2011

Pro-Flowers …. what you get

I first saw this, this morning on a local floral suppliers facebook page, it was originally posted by a local florist here in UT whom went to deliver a funeral arrangement and found this. I felt it was so pertinent that i had to blog about it. Its really quiet classic.

Now i get that this is a funeral type situation and that i mostly do weddings, but this really applies across the board. Basically the gist is this, someone ordered a funeral arrangement from an online wholesaler source like Pro Flowers little did they know that it would be delivered just like this. I suspect {but cant claim particular knowledge in this particular case} that inside that box is not entirely what the customer thought they were ordering either. So who is supposed to un-package this and assemble? Not entirely ideal for a funeral or for that matter for a wedding!

This takes me back so many years {in fact i think about 12}, to when a cousin of mine got married. At the time i was just beginning my career as a florist. My cousin and her mother thought it best to just order from a wholesale source a “wedding floral package” i cant be sure how happy or unhappy my cousin and her mother were but i was aghast at what they received! Was it worth what they spent?  … well kind of, they did get a good deal! you do get what you pay for, but even at that i felt they really were short changed anything that would suffice for wedding flowers.

You get the picture right? Be aware of what your going to receive when you order from an online wholesale floral source.


Feathers surprisingly work well with ice

Photography: Jacque Lynn Photo
Makeup/Hair: Janelle Corey . Emily Golie
Gown: Augusta Jones Alta Moda Bridal
Location: Midway Utah

Feather bouquet ….. yours truly!

new years wedding @ stein

Utah is a target location for many of the country’s  destination weddings, and though summer is prime time for weddings, winter is when bride’s from out of state {sometimes even out of country} most often chose to wed in our luscious ski resorts! Janel’s wedding took place in Park City, at the fabulous Stein Erickson Lodge near Park City Resort. And Better yet it took place on New Years Eve. Go big or go home right? I should say so, and this event was gorgeous, I felt privileged to be part of it.

Janels colors were silver . cream . pink . natural touches of green . and a little bit of navy. What flowers we used … Amaryllis was the focus! A gorgeous bloom not widely available other then in the winter! A long with Hydrangea . Roses . Spray Roses . Tulips . Carnations . Stock . Freesia . Ranuncula . Nerine Lily .

Photography courtesy of the ever so talented Mrs Rebekah Westover!

UBB @ Lily & Iris

I typically try to keep the bias out between my two companies, or at the very least keep them more distinct and not blurred in line because i know how easy it is to blur it all, but I wanted to share with studio stems readers a little tid bit on UBB. Today on the blog we posted about a little UBB creation at one of the most incredible wedding boutiques in town, Lily&Iris. The brilliance behind what these people have to offer is astounding. They have 3 inspiration windows in the boutique that rotate every few months. By invitation they ask wedding industry professionals to create the windows. How brilliant is that?  Recently {obviously} UBB was asked to create a window … which in turn also means that in a round about way studio stems and pink piggy were asked, its hard to keep those elements out of the creative wedding things we do!

to toss or not to toss

Today on UBB i posted a little history on the bouquet toss and options that surround this long held tradition. Go check out the post here! Have a great weekend! Enjoy!

Image courtesy of Flickr