Month: April, 2011

From Russia W/Love

I recently had the privilege and opportunity to do the floral for an inspiration shoot constructed by the lovely miss Elizabeth Taylor Frandsen. Behind the scenes provided the experience that made this astounding for me. To begin with the concept and inspiration behind the shoot founded by ETF is really heartfelt and touching, you can read more here {as it was published on Utah Bride Blog just a few days ago!}  Second was the emails and correspondence between Elizabeth and I prior to the shoot. What would have been just part of the planning process turned into an emotional process full of teaching moments and realizations that infused passion into the work behind her lens!

This was a real couple and you can feel the infusion of their own passion for each other in the images as well, and aren’t they stunning to say the least? Then there were all the details coming together from all the little touches of many many amazing vendors! Love that there are even a few pics of these amazing vendors, I had to include those in my personal favorites!

From Russia With Love from Chris McClain Productions on Vimeo.

I just want to give a public thanks to ETF for wanting Studio Stems for this shoot, for the opportunity and experience! As well as all the talented and fun vendors for a great experience!

Floral Atrtistry: Studio Stems
Photography: elizabeth taylor frandsen
Video Production: david perry films & chris mcclain productions
Invitations: pink piggy design
Makeup/Hair: Versa Artistry
Cake: pink peach cakes
Dress & Tux: the gallery by lynette
Vintage Car Rental: something borrowed something blue
Shoot/Prop Styling: elizabeth taylor frandsen


Availability & Something worth reading

I am getting a lot of calls and emails in regards to my availability, and in turn I am having to send many of those calls elsewhere. My availability for the remainder of the 2011 year is very limited, I am nearly booked for the year. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me regarding recommendations however, there are a few florists that I know can take care of you the way I would. I like to customize my recommendations as well making sure they fit your needs so send me a little wedding info as well. {}

One of those such vendors that I admire so greatly and also recommend highly and often is Sarah J Winward of Ea. I cant get enough of her work, she is truly talented and amazing. But more then that she is also crafty in business and writing. She recently wrote a post for me for flower Friday on UBB in regards to floral contracts, this is a must read for any bride planning a wedding and still looking for a florist! find it here!

Educational opportunities {wedding floral academy}

I have received several emails in regards to our workshop post and a few applications, the spot is still available for application however, situations haven’t matched up perfectly yet! I also have received some questions in regards to my workshops … I am not doing many this year at all, so there likely will only be one more workshop date for the 2011 year. In addition I am available in the Utah area for come-to-you real wedding workshops now through the end of June. A maximum of 2 however and on specific dates i am available of course. If you would like more info on this please email me! {} this is a special opp, i typically do not offer this type of workshop locally {only out of state} so take advantage!

In addition to my workshop info if your looking for an educational experience I can think of no better one then Wedding Floral Academy in San Francisco with Nancy Liu Chin Designs.

Image courtesy of Kevin Chin Photography & Nancy Liu Chin Designs

Details can easily be accessed and found on wedding floral academy site. The workshop as I said will be held in SF. A city that holds a chunk of my heart, a place worth your time and experience {if you want to know what to do in any of your spare time email me I lived there once}!  November 8-10 2011 tuesday-thursday 10am-4pm each day. I have long admired the floral artistry and business genius of NLC and have attended one of these workshops myself. Its a valuable education and amazing experience. Space is very limited, its a very intimate education! So contact WFA asap if you interested.

Workshop opp

I have been undecided on 2011 workshops but have decided to add in just a few here and there throughout the year, some small and simple yet valuable opportunities.

I put together this inspiration board to symbolize the color, mood, and style of the first workshop event. It will take place in studio May 4th and in studio/on site {all utah county area} May5th. This is a real studio stems wedding workshop. It will include the prep and production of flowers and designs for a medium size Utah wedding, on site experience, and a short tutorial on business.

Only one spot for one designer is available. The fee is $250. If you are interested please email me prior to April 25th with the following information:

Your name & contact info
what you want to get out of the experience and why your interested
what level of experience you have and if applicable a blog/site address

My Jules

This is my beautiful Jules. You might remember her wedding from 2010 newport beach, ca on the blog, it was beautiful! Clearly thats not me she is resting her sweet and gorgeous head on {its her ever so blessed husband aaron}, so she is not all mine! But sometimes she is part of the studio stems family and so therefor i call her my jules. Its her Bday today! Julia, i just want to send a shout out to you, wishing you all the best of your day! and more then that know that your entering the best era of your life, that all the best is yet to come, some of it soon! That happiness is you! and that your amazing, incredible, beautiful, talented, and a true woman of character. I am so blessed by your presence in my life! Thank you!