Month: June, 2011

A “Juicy” Inspiration Board

I created this board for the SL/PC Bride & Groom UBB swap of the month, based on the “juicy” couture bottle of perfume that Tessa sent me as inspiration. see the post here!



Thanks to Amanda Abel Photography we have a little glimpse into the florals from Kaitlyn’s spring wedding. Like I said in last weeks post this color scheme has been a popular one this year. Another spin on Kaitlyn had a very tight budget and she wanted to keep things simple and elegant. It turns out that’s just what we created for her. The Anemone’s used in her designs are nothing short of striking and provide that contrast necessary to set the white apart.

In her bouquet we used: white anemone {of course}, white scabiosa, white iris, white mini calla lilies, white stephanotis with gold pin centers, ranucs, and a some foliage accents. we wrapped in black with white pearls and a gold brooch.

Bouts – were all classic mini callas

corsages – both wrist and pin on where white anemone focused

bridesmaids – {maid of honor} classic and clean all calla bouquet wrapped in black with gold wiring. And for the other a small white bloom focus freelance with a few bits of foliage.

Decor – we used a variety of very simple arrangements in classic vases. Glad stems provided height and we kept things simple.

Thanks again to Amanda Abel Photography!

Jill Fernald @ JSMB

A few images {courtesy of Jessica Peterson Photo} from Jill’s spring wedding @ JSMB. Her colors were white . gold . black . & green. A popular scheme as of late!  Jill’s white bouquet was off set but some greens and a collar of fabric leafing in shades of gold. A white bouquet on a white dress can often not work well, but when off set by even just a small detail in another color, a white bouquet can really be amazing and also keeps with tradition.

You Should Get Him ….

Today I had just a few min of down time, meaning time to fold some laundry and watch maybe 10 min {if i was lucky} of TV. This type of time in my day happens very rarely. I found myself engaged in the new Nate Berkus show. I was watching the episode that featured the “promised land” home of Oprah, and suddenly had a blogging light bulb moment. I know your wondering what this show could have had to do with wedding flowers {beyond the fact that Oprah professes a deep love and passion for flowers}?  IT was something said in the interview, or rather aired conversation, that made me realize I needed to write abut this, because YOU the consumer should know.{This idea really applies to all types of things we purchase in the way of product and or service.}

Oprah was reminiscing about her first home “design” type purchases. She reflected back on a magazine picture {from Architectural Digest} of a room that intrigued her, a very “English” type room. She did not share this said picture but imagine anything or something like this!

She knew this was what she wanted, so she began by taking this to the few design resources she had at the time and saying “Can you do something like this?” Until one day a friend suggested to her, “Why don’t you ask him to do it?” Meaning the artist that designed the very room that was featured in the magazine. This next part is that profound moment for me …. Oprah then said “I hadn’t even thought of that!” She followed that up by mentioning that it seemed to her that the kind of designer featured in a magazine would be expensive and unavailable.

This all made me continue on a thought process that began last Friday …. Starting with this bouquet …

This is a bouquet I designed for a magazine. A popular local bridal magazine {see sidebar to your left or below for that matter!} Last Friday night I got a text from one of my employees, whom was at Sundance attending a friend’s wedding for which we did not do the flowers for. She was stunned when she arrived to see that the bouquet was an exact duplicate of the above bouquet from Studio Stems and that nearly all the flowers and or decor was an exact replica of the inspiration shoot. And because she has some serious loyalty and investment in the company she couldn’t help her little designer soul from asking where the inspiration came from, only to discover all that she had suspected, it was a copy.

Now this wasn’t the first time I had fallen upon such a discovery, and it wont be the last. And in all honesty I wasn’t that bothered. You get your work in a magazine and things of this nature are bound to happen, the more you get out there the more you will be copied. This was an inspiration shoot after all … meant to inspire the same look! But it did bring on some thought as to why this local bride did not inquire of Studio Stems for her event? Lets say you are getting married in Utah and find an amazing bouquet in this magazine …

And its made by Marks Garden in LA, chances are logistically and financially this particular designer may be out of your reach and or geographical capabilities.  But that being said, why not at least look into it? Why not inquire as to its original source?

What if your getting married in Utah and you find a bouquet that you love in this magazine …

{uhmmmm said bouquet …} Why not find out who the designer is and contact them?I really am sincerely curious as to why not?

Back to Oprah’s discussion …. is it because you hadn’t even thought of that? That seems really profound and astounding! And if you had thought to, are you making assumptions about how far out of reach that designer might be?

Pictures and visuals are so easily obtainable these days, and we have some really amazing local resources that are easily comparable to the quality and caliber of national magazines and blogs. I can understand when a bride walks into my office with another designers design, however my two cents on that {a long held studio stems practice}, IF I know who designed said floral piece I seriously suggest right then and there to the client that they should inquire about services from that designer. If I don’t know, I try to find out, and I let my client know that I am not a replica designer, its just not who I am. Have a lost a few clients this way? Sure you bet I have. In fact I hope I have, because that’s not my client.

This year I actually have had many different brides come in for consults with pictures of my bouquets as their inspiration, but there were 3 brides who came who had no idea who created the bouquet. Good thing it was mine and I could help them … It also created consistency in their design taste. But in the end each of their bouquets looked nothing like the picture they brought in, because I don’t do that … even with my own work. I will however let the picture provide inspiration. Truth be told you don’t want another bride’s bouquet … you want your own!

So I end this post still variably perplexed about why any given bride would not inquire about a local florist whom they have identified they like? If you have any input or answers please feel free to comment … And I also want to end this by saying if you see a dress you love and it comes from a certain shop, go there! If you find a photograph that speaks to you, call that photographer. If you find a bouquet that is similar to what your looking for …. get in touch with THAT florist!

Image credit: Nate Berkus show . . Ashley Raubach photography {studio stems bouquet, alta moda dress} . Martha Stewart Weddings . Utah Bride & Groom Magazine